Financial Peace


JOIN US! April 7th - May 26th 2018

What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you could have a 3-6 months of expenses saved, while investing for retirement and  your family’s future?

Dave Ramsey is a businessman and entrepreneur who accumulated a $4 million real estate portfolio, only to lose it all - and nearly everything else he owned - by making the same mistake millions of Americans make every day: he got too far into debt to get out. Dave Ramsey is also a Christian family man who, through the turmoil of his financial nightmare, discovered a new way of life. He shared the lessons he learned by writing Financial Peace, a simple but powerful guide that offers practical lessons on how to get out of debt - and stay out.

Sound Impossible?  It’s not! With Dave Ramsey’s proven plan, taught at Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money! Interested in learning more? The Boulder City  Seventh-day Adventist Church is  offering an 8 week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course for FREE!!  ($100 value)Each couple attending will receive a Membership kit containing Dave’s best-selling book Financial Peace, revised, Financial Peace University workbook, Audio CD library, FPU envelope system and more! Enrollment is limited, so please call soon to reserve your place!

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